Family Practice Obstetrics Group

Family Practice maternity visit

The Family Practice Obstetrics Group at MGH are a vibrant group of family doctors who consider themselves privileged to be involved with your pregnancy and delivery. We provide prenatal care across multiple clinics in East York.  Please see our websites for more information and on how to refer:

South East Toronto Family Health Team
Physicians: Dr. Caitlin Fitzpatrick, Dr. Stephanie Godard, Dr. Neha Kanga, Dr. Kim Kitto
How to refer:

  • Fax: Please fax a referral to 416-699-7766.  
  • Online: Submit your completed intake form and a team member will contact you soon
  • Also on Ocean Referrals: “Toronto East Family Practice Obstetrics - South East Toronto Family Health Team"

Magenta Health
Physicians: Dr. Heba Shamsi

Flemingdon Health Centre
Physicians: Dr. Lisa Ilk, Dr. Rajani Vairavanathan
How to refer:

  • Fax: (416) 422-3573
  • Also on Ocean Referrals: “Toronto East Family Practice Obstetrics - Flemingdon Health Centre"

Why would I choose a family physician to care for me in pregnancy and for delivery?

  • Family physicians that practice obstetrics provide a primary care lens to pregnancy care which allows us to provide holistic care to you as a whole person.
  • Family physicians take time to create a pregnancy and labour plan with you that is unique to you and your family.
  • Family physicians follow pregnant individuals carefully to make sure everything is going well but prefer to let things unfold naturally, intervening out only when it is necessary. 
  • Family physicians care for pregnant individuals with low-risk pregnancies but are also trained to manage common health problems. If complications occur, your family physician will work with obstetricians or other specialists to get you the care you need.
  • Family physicians who practice obstetrics work seamlessly and collaboratively with your family physician, at no cost to them, as a consultant for your pregnancy care.

We look forward to guiding you through your pregnancy journey!

South East Toronto Family Health Team
416-699-7775 ext. 410
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