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Family Practice maternity visit

The Family Practice Obstetrics Group at MGH are a vibrant group of family doctors who consider themselves privileged to be involved with your pregnancy and delivery. They would be delighted to meet with you to review their approach to the pregnancy journey. Please call them to schedule an appointment with any of the providers at one of their three sites in East Toronto.  They will return your call within two business days to schedule an appointment. 


Why would I choose a family physician to care for me in pregnancy and for delivery?

  • Family physicians are experts in the family and care for the whole person – physical health and mental health.  They bring this same approach to caring for pregnant women and their families. 
  • Family physicians know that pregnancy is an exciting time in your life, not a disease.  While they follow women carefully to make sure everything is going well and understand that pregnancy is a normal, healthy process.  They prefer to let things naturally unfold, intervening or helping out only when it is necessary. 
  • Family physicians care for women with low-risk pregnancies but they can also manage the common problems that pop up. If major problems occur, your family physician will work with obstetricians or other specialists to get you the care you need.
  • Family physicians look after the whole family – mothers, babies and often partners and older children too. Some will continue to care for your baby from birth to adulthood, others will transfer care back to your family physician or primary care provider after the baby is born.
  • Family physicians work to help you to understand the choices you have along the way (eg prenatal testing, pain medication in labour, when to induce) and will work with you to choose what is best for you and your baby.

For more information about family practice maternity care, please go visit the Ontario College of Family Physicians - Grow Your Family with a Family Physician website to watch a video and read more about this option. 

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