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Research Ethics Board (REB) Forms

Mandatory Research training

The TCPS 2: CORE Tutorial consists of eight modules that will take between 3 and 5 hours to complete. The tutorial has log-on and log-off capability so that it can be completed over time. At the completion of the tutorial a printable certificate is generated.

The Privacy Training for Research Personnel Tutorial provides education for research team members regarding research specific, privacy and security training to protect study participant’s confidential information. This tutorial will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

It is the responsibility of the primary investigator(s) to ensure that their research team members are certified in the ethical conduct of research and privacy. The TCPS 2 and Privacy Training for Research Personnel Tutorial certificates for each team member (e.g., investigators, research coordinators/assistants, study monitors, volunteers and students) must accompany the submission of a project for REB review.

TCPS-2 Module

TCPS-2 online Module

TCPS-2 Documentation (website) UPDATED 2018 version

TCPS-2 Documentation (pdf) UPDATED 2018 version

How to Address Material Incidental Findings-TCPS 2 (2018)

Privacy for Researchers Tutorial

Privacy Training for Research Personnel Tutorial (Please note that this tutorial uses Chrome or Firefox browsers only. Currently the certificate does not print. At the end of the Tutorial, please click on "Print", type in your name, and take a screenshot to submit with your application.)

CIHR Best Practices for Protecting Privacy in Health Research

Personal Health Information Protection Act

TAHSN Research Ethics Committee - Principles for Development of Policy and Guidelines on Security of Personal Health Information Used for Research Purposes

Initial Submissions

Access this section if you are submitting a research study for the first time. The application and guidance documents will assist you in your Research Ethics Board submission.

Application and Guidance Documents

Please review this process map if you would like to better understand the steps involved in the REB review.

Most research projects will require the ‘full’ application to be completed; in circumstance where your project involves only retrospective data and/or previously collected bio-specimens please use the TAHSN Research Application to Access Retrospective Data. If you are unsure of which application to use, please contact @email.

Initial Research Submission Checklist

Protocol Guidelines

Consent Form Checklist

Research Administrative Fees Invoice (for all industry sponsored studies)

Study Cost Estimate Forms (Department Impact)

Pharmacy Services 

Health Records

Generic Department

For US Industry Sponsored Studies

Form FDA 1572


Clinical Audit or Service Evaluation

Clinical Audit or Service Evaluation Form


Ongoing Submissions

Ongoing Submissions

Study Renewal or Closure Form

Research Amendment Form

Serious Adverse Events (SAEs)/Serious Unexpected Adverse Drug Reaction (SUADR) Guidance and Report Form

Change in Study Investigator Form


Identifying and Credentialing Research Project Team Members (RPTM)

Qualified Principal Investigator (QPI)

QPI Form - Identifying / Credentialing RPTMs

Process Maps (Identifying, Credentialing, Onboarding)

Physicians’ Occupational Health & Safety Roles and Responsibilities


Please note: Pictures/photographs of any forms for submission to the Research Ethics Board will NOT be accepted. Please scan all required documentation with required signatures for your electronic submission. 

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