Consultation Assessment Time-Limited Therapy Clinic (CATT)

Michael Garron Hospital's (MGH) consultation assessment time-limited therapy clinic (CATT) provides psychiatric consultations to family physicians and other community care providers in the MGH catchment area. We provide clinical services requested by physician-specialists for their patients with co-morbid psychiatric and physical illness.

We collaborate with other psychiatric services within and outside of MGH. This makes it possible for CATT patients to engage in multiple treatment modalities, such as vocational and art groups in addition to individual psychiatric care and psychotherapy.

CATT consists of a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists and hospital staff and is one of several independent clinics of the outpatient adult mental health service at MGH. The therapists are masters level clinicians in psychology and social work specializing in time-limited, psychotherapy. 

CATT provides individual time-limited counseling and psychotherapy in 6 sessions.

Physician referral is required

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